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Category: Music

Aldana Palacios - Plegaria del Arpa (1996)
1 CD | time: 47 m 04 s | Scans 300 dpi | tags | MP3 VBR 0 > 87,22 MB
Latin American, Instrumental, Folk, World / Label: CBA Music 9003 / Uploaded, Turbobit

"Indian harp played by young South American harpist, residing in Argentina, Aldana Palacios, who released her first album at the age of eighteen. Aldana started very young performances in public, making a moving hosting because the quality of her sound. Instrumentally accompanying on this recording musicians Ariel Lopez Gatti (bass) and Mario Silva on guitar. The album features fifteen famous traditional themes of Paraguayan music with rhythms of Paraguayan polka (more alive) or guarania (slower)."
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